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In 2018, FTS Ministries launched the FTS W.O.O Awards, Women Overcoming Obstacles. This award is presented to a woman who has defied the odds, persevered in the face of give-up opportunities and decided to overcome in spite of the challenges she endured. They have pushed past roadblocks, setbacks, and obstacles and forged ahead to achieve their goals. These women have chosen to persevere rather than throw in the towel! 

Do you know a woman who has graduated college, started her own business or organization, or one who selflessly puts others before herself in spite of her own challenges? That's the woman you want to nominate! The winner will receive a minimum of a Cash Prize, a Personalized Gift Package, and a beautiful Custom  Engraved Award!

Click the button below to nominate someone you believe deserves this prestigious award!

The 2019 W.O.O Award Recipients 

Martha Rushing


Martha Rushing has devoted her life to taking care of those who can't take care of themselves both mentally and spiritually.


Active in helping domestic violence victims, feeding & clothing the homeless, Martha helps build up others who have been beaten down by the cares of life. She does ALL of this while living with an ongoing battle with vision loss and occasional seizures due to an automobile accident that also claimed the life of her 7 month old baby boy.


As a minister of God, Martha also provides a balanced outpouring of love, self-sustaining inner spiritual foundation, and providing respect and character building to those she counsels.


Martha sets aside her pains to push forward in her mission to walk in the purpose for which God literally saved her very life to do!

Martha Rushing is a prime example of Women Overcoming Obstacles!


Congratulations Martha Rushing

FTS Ministries is honored to honor you!


nikita b. williams



Comedian Nikita B. Williams received a 2019 Honorary W.O.O Award for her unwavering commitment to persevere thru personal trials and still encourage countless others through her many gifts.


After her mother passed away with cancer at a young age, Nikita tapped into her inner strength to bring laughter to others through her own pain. Little did she know, years later, she would stare cancer in the face as she battled and survived cancer herself. In spite of losing her mother, the unexpected death of her brother, being diagnosed with cancer and a stroke, Nikita has persevered and risen above it all.


She’s a wife, mother, multi-business entrepreneur, stand-up comedian, motivational speaker and habitually pushes others to forge ahead. Coined “Your Hope-Dealer and Purpose Pusher”, Nikita B. Williams is a prime example of Women Overcoming Obstacles!


Congratulations Nikita B. Williams

FTS Ministries is honored to honor you!

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